“Injustice never rules forever.” - Seneca

CAPA Mission:

CAPA's mission is to protect the integrity and best interests of college athletics, student athletes and amateurism.

CAPA Goal:

  • To Reform The Governance of College Athletics

The NCAA bureaucracy in its governance of college athletics has demonstrated blatant disregard for the basic American values of fairness, due process, precedent, public institution transparency and respect for the civil rights of its members and athletes. As an organization it has willfully ignored its own and obvious conflicts of interest while acting solely for its own benefit with complete disregard for others. The NCAA has assumed absolute power over college athletics and the individuals participating therein. By functioning as rule maker, investigator, judge, jury and executioner, the NCAA assumed authorities never intended thereby empowering its leaders to choose winners and losers as they see fit. Many believe the NCAA bureaucracy is simply “making it up as they go” and have become too powerful to challenge.

The NCAA has lost the public’s trust and it’s unclear the current university oversight system is still viable.

CAPA Objectives:

  • Help identify and support the implementation of a new business model for college athletics. A business model that divests the NCAA of its absolute power and addresses the many economic issues facing the universities, conferences, leagues and student athletes.
  • Preserve the civil rights of the student athletes, employees and the rights of the institutions involved.

“The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.” - Albert Einstein

CAPA Strategy:

  1. Find and ask the hard questions
  2. Through high-quality, objective research and analysis answer those questions
  3. Propose solutions that will stand rigorous review
  4. Advanced proposed solutions with University Presidents, General Public and Congress

CAPA Key Issues seeks to identify the important questions that must be asked while the CAPA Initiatives offer a process for high-quality, objective research and analysis as well as the first steps for bringing about necessary change.

CAPA will begin the process with a RAND Landscape Study (see Initiatives)